Interoperable NFTs for all Metaverses

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Bring your NFTs to life. Fully animated Interoperable NFTs that function across the Metaverses.

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MetaStatus is created by a team of artists and animators with development experiences across different platforms and metaverses.

We help NFT projects offer more to their community by allowing their NFTs to become fully functional and animated assets that operate across the metaverses.

Give MetaStatus to a selection or all of your NFTs. The MetaStatus version of your NFTs are each created as a work of art and individually animated, optimised and characterised to keep their uniqueness

Give more to your community and let your NFT holders show off their assets not just in their wallets but across the metaverse platforms.


Dont let your NFT project be just another series of pretty high poly characters. Give your NFTs a MetaStatus across all platforms and let your holders do more with them.

Fully Animated

NFTs are fully animated with standout features for each item across different platforms


Your MetaStatus version of NFTs can be used across almost all metaverses

Unique NFTs

Your NFT is already unique so we handle them one by one and ensure their uniquness

MetaStatus your NFTs

From your Avatar to your Crib, Gadgets and Crew. Collect, upgrade and grow across all communities.

MetaStatus Categories

We can do MetaStatus version of your NFT across these categories: Avatars, Properties, Cars, Bikes, Fantasy Characters, Warriors...

Drag and Drop

Simply Drag and Drop your NFT in to the Metaverse. Assets are fully optimized and their animations are in line with the leading metaverse standards.

  • Drag and Drop in any metaverse
  • Utilize your NFT across different platforms
  • Maintain your status across all metaverses




Reach out to us and see how we can add value to your NFT project and your community

Our RoadMap

MetaStatus NFTS will stand out as fully functional utility assets which are interoperable across different platforms. We work with the best NFT projects and communities to give life and functionality to a limited edition of their collection as part of MetaStatus.

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Not just an Idea!

We have already released a series of interoperable NFTs across different categories

Partner with popular projects

We intend to work with unique and popular projects and give them the MetaStatus

Optimise Further

As more Metaverses come online our team will be on it to always stay in line with the technologies.

Give power to Community

Use DAO and voting systems to ask the community on which assets to develop for which metaverses

Develop Communities

Buy land in all Metaverses and create communities for only MetaStatus NFT holders across all projects

Frequently Asked Queries


You need to have an NFT project or community and want to offer more to your community. Then reach out to us, choose a limited edition of your characters, let us give them the MetaStatus and bring them to life across the metaverses.

We use the simplest format of Pixels and Voxels with unique techniques to enhance assets and overcome the shortfalls of low poly assets. To make NFTs interoperable we have used the experience of our animators and artists across all major platforms to combine their knowledge and create one structure.

Each NFT asset of our partner projects are created from scratch and customised specifically for that project with their own animations and utilities. There are no templates or copy-paste structures. MetaStatus assets are all unique.

We alwasy look to partner and collaborate with different NFT projects, Metaverses, Collectors and investors. Drop us an email and chat with our management team.

Do you want to partner with us?

Drop us a line if you have an NFT project and want to give it utility and allow it to be interoperable. We are always open to collaborations.